Baseball for Life by Sara Corbett

Sara Corbett’s Baseball for Life is a nonfiction piece that tells the tale of an entire baseball season, which was played by several men. The book profiles the lives and inner-workings of those players as they play ball and go about their daily lives. Baseball is popularly known as America’s pastime because it’s so closely tied with American culture. Baseball players are considered some of the most hardened athletes because they have to train so much. Baseball is a physically demanding sport, but it also takes mental strength. Players often play 162 games in 180 days, which makes it difficult to stay alert and focused for that long. After all of the training that goes into baseball, it’s no wonder that Americans are so fascinated by the sport. Baseball for Life offers an inside look at what life is like for some of these players.

Who is Sara Corbett

Sara Corbett profiles several men who have played professional baseball in Baseball For Life. The season covered here takes place entirely in Daytona Beach, Florida during the year 2010. This was a particularly important season because it marked the 50th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s integration. Baseball was racially segregated until 1947 when Jackie Robinson became the first African American to play major league baseball. Baseball for Life highlights how far race relations have come since then and follows several African Americans as they attempt to make their mark on the sport.

Baseball for Life by Sara Corbett

Baseball for Life by Sara Corbett

Baseball for Life

In Baseball for Life, you’ll hear from Chris Martin of the Toronto Blue Jays. He’s one of several players profiled by Baseball for Life who had to climb through the minor leagues just to get a shot at playing professional baseball at all. Minor league teams are lower tier teams that don’t have as much fanfare or sponsorship money as major league teams do. Baseball for Life takes place in the lowest level of professional baseball, which is a huge step down from the major leagues that professional players usually aspire to. Baseball For Life also follows two men who play on one of Daytona Beach’s minor league teams called the Bears.

How to Become Stronger Players

Baseball for Life tells their story as they attempt to rebound from injuries and become stronger players again. Baseball for Life also spends time with two men who play in the minor league, but aren’t full-time players. They played baseball in high school and were drafted by major league teams without ever having played on a professional team before. Baseball for Life explores what happens when these guys get thrown into the big leagues and have to adjust to a new life. Baseball for Life also follows a coach who takes the Bears to the national championships. Baseball for Life has something special for everyone with its range of stories that highlight different aspects of baseball culture.

Baseball For Life by Chris Martin

Sara Corbett begins Baseball For Life by profiling Chris Martin. Baseball for Life starts with Chris Martin because he tells his story first, which makes it easier to keep up with the other men who are profiled. Baseball for Life goes in chronological order, which helps readers orient themselves and understand each player’s role in this story. Baseball for Life begins by profiling Chris Martin because he has to recover from injuries, helping set the scene for what these players will go through during the season. Baseball For Life begins with Chris Martin because he has a lot of interesting stories about how he got into baseball and what it takes to play for the Blue Jays. Baseball for Life starts with Chris Martin because he’s been playing in the minor leagues since 2001, before Baseball For Life began covering this particular season in 2010. Baseball for Life quotes from Baseball Almanac throughout Baseball

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