Lighting Strikes Twice

I was sitting in Union Square Park today with my friend Elizabeth, when I looked up and saw a familiar face. It was my professor, seated on a bench perhaps twenty feet away.

Until yesterday, I’d never bumped into this guy anywhere but on campus. Not once in three years. Then I see him twice in two days.

I’d be tempted to attribute this bizarre coincidence to fate, but as my uncle the math teacher always reminds me, if a million things happen to you in a month, there’s a decent chance something one-in-a-million will happen to you every few months. So I’ll chalk it up to probability instead.

Life is perfectly unpredictable. Sometimes that’s a curse, sometimes it’s a blessing. When you’ve been knocked around, it takes a bit of audacity to remember that second part. Seeing my professor again was just a coincidence. But it was a nice reminder of what a wondrous thing this unpredictable life can be.

4 responses to “Lighting Strikes Twice

  1. I’m glad that you’ve been writing! Great post today.

  2. Amen to the wonder!

  3. Mom's friend Olivia

    Iparticularly enjoyed reading what you wrote today. Plus I’ve been reading all along!
    Cheers, Olivia

  4. Did you talk to him?

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