Video Killed the Radio Star

Well, after all this, I’ve finally made it. I’m on TV. Or I was on TV. And by TV, I mean Brooklyn Independent Television (BIT). It’s like BET, if BET counted its viewers with fingers and toes. Anyway, here is the clip. If you’re impatient, skip to 2:11 in the video. This interview took place at the Brooklyn Blogfest. In my defense, I had no knowledge of the sponsorship issue (described in this article) at the time. For the record, I have no affiliation with Absolut Vodka, though I hear it’s the smoothest vodka of them all.

Anyway, check it out. The interview is about 40 seconds long. Still, it does make me a celebrity. Also, it should remind you why I am a writer. And why I don’t do a podcast. In the sense that my voice is similar to the screech of a cat with sand in its throat.


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2 responses to “Video Killed the Radio Star

  1. I used this link to find your clip…and your voice sounds fine and you look great

  2. It’s probably more akin to the whine a small, dying animal would make.

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